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The name Nostalgia is chosen to remind us how we once started crocheting. Who doesn’t know them, those old books with crochet patterns that our mothers, aunts and grandmothers had. With these patterns, many homes have been “decorated” with tablecloths, curtains and bedspreads, crocheted with the still popular Durable cotton in white or ecru.

We also had some crocheted material in our house. We are going to crochet a blanket/bedspread in the filet crochet technique, which often consists of open and solid squares, which together form a pattern.

We crocheted this bedspread with 1 size crochet hook 2 mm (2/0) or 2,5 mm (4/0). The white bedspread is crocheted with crochet hook 2 mm (2/0)  and the ecru bedspread with crochet hook 2,5 mm (4/0). Depending on your hand of crochet, choose the crochet hook that you feel most comfortable with.

We crocheted with Durable Breikatoen no. 8 (100 grams/300 meters) in the colors white or ecru.

Our Nostalgia bedspreads have become approx. 155 cm x 205 cm.

This Nostalgia 2018 Crochet ALong consists of 27 parts.

The pattern parts can be downloaded for free via the download button or can be ordered as a booklet or digital pattern (pdf) in the webshop.

Nostalgia Wit

Nostalgia Ecru

Digital Pattern (pdf)

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